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Terry Savage | www.terrysavage.com

Terry Savage, a nationally known expert on personal finance is a regular television commentator on CNN, CNBC, PBS, and NBC on issues related to investing and financial markets. She is the nationally syndicated Chicago Sun-Times personal finance columnist. Her fourth book, published in June, 2005, is The Savage Number: How Much Money Do You Need to Retire? Wordsworth Design has worked with Terry Savage from 1999 to the present branding her presence on the Web and creating print pieces that enhance her message.

Wordsworth Design worked with Terry to design a website that features her Sun-Times columns, interviews, on-line articles featured in other financial websites, and video clips of her many appearances on CNN and other media sources throughout the country. The site also features her patented "Savage Truth" and her favorite Websites. Wordsworth Design helped create a Personal Financial Organizer, a comprehensive tool for her on-line subscribers to use to organize their personal financial information as well as a pdf newsletter that is sent to her subscribers.

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