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Coffee Companion | www.coffeebrewingsecrets.com

Kevin Sinnott is a nationally recognized coffee expert. He's talked coffee with Oprah Winfrey on national television, been featured in USA TODAY, The Chicago Tribune and other national publications, and discussed coffee and coffee brewing methods on 20/20, The Food Network and countless radio talk shows. In 1995, he created The Coffee Companion, the first-ever consumer publication dedicated to finding and brewing the world's best coffee. The Coffee Companion offered his unique blend of wit and passion in methodical, objective reviews of coffee brewers and related equipment. In 2008 Sinnott launched the Coffee Companion on-line. Wordsworth Design was instrumental in designing and developing this vibrant on-line discussion of coffee brewing. Wordsworth Design provides all the design and illustration for the website on an on-going basis.

Wordsworth Design also worked closely with Kevin Sinnott to create the companion website coffeebrewingsecrets.com. This how-to website presents video clips of Kevin Sinnott's Coffee Brewing Secrets, a DVD demonstrating the very best in coffee brewing techniques, reviews and demonstrations of coffee brewing methods and interviews with the world's top coffee experts.

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